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Profdent stomatology - Your dentist in Poland

Profdent is a small and very friendly dental surgery that has operated for the last 10 years in an elegant district in central Kraków.

People who come to us appreciate our individual approach and the amount of time and care we devote to each patient
We now provide treatment for entire families and patients recommend us to their friends, which shows that we really make the effort.

Foreign patients

Being a small surgery, we have no representatives abroad. However, foreigners use our services increasingly frequently. Most of them are residents of Kraków, or have family ties with Poland. profdent for everyone Foreign patients are so satisfied with our services that we would like to expand this area of activity.

We work with a tried and tested company that will ensure your stay in Kraków is trouble-free and enjoyable, adapting its programme to your individual preferences. We will guide you to places the average tourist will never find. Should you wish we will provide you with your own personal assistant.

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  • Removable dentures
    • complete and partial acrylate dentures
    • nylon dentures
    • frame dentures
    • non-conventional prosthetic solutions
  • Fixed prosthetic restorations
    • composite and ceramic veneers
    • crowns
    • inlays
    • bridges
    • post and core inlays (glass fibre, ceramic, precious alloys)

Conservative dentistry

  • composite fillings
    • Filtek Z 250
    • Gradia Direct
    • Gradia Direct Flow
    • Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill
    • Tetric EvoFlow
  • inlays, onlays, overlays

Cosmetic dentistry

  • teeth whitening: both in-office and at-home bleaching systems
    • Opalescence
    • Lumi Brite
    • Pola Office
  • aesthetic dental restoration
  • composite and ceramic veneers


  • Root canal treatment
  • root canal retreatment

Preventive dentistry

  • scaling (using ultrasonic tools)
  • sand-blasting
  • polishing
  • fluoridation
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In our surgery, patients always meet the same staff, whom they know well and trust.

We carry out a wide range of dental services, while continously expanding our professional knowledge and skill by regularly attending various dental courses and conferences, so that we can provide our patients with the latest treatment options and thus the best possible care.

Elżbieta Haberny

Elżbieta Haberny

specialist in general dentistry and prosthodontics with 20 years’ experience

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We use the best materials available on the European market, and we give guarantees. Our work is verified daily by patients who are often our neighbours. We specialise in prosthetics, and conservative and cosmetic dental treatment. This is what we have decided to focus on.. profdent to jakosc

In complicated cases, when patients need the help of a surgeon or orthodontist, we refer them to experienced specialists we’ve worked with for years.

profdent to jakosc Our surgery is equipped with a modern Kodak-Trophy 2200 X-ray System and an RVG 6100 Digital Radiography System, ensuring that a minimal dose of radiation is administered. For panoramic images and computer tomography, we use the services of a radiographic lab just a couple of hundred metres away.

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ul.Kasprowicza 16/3
31-523 Kraków

tel. (12) 412 16 39

  • Monday - Friday: 9-20
  • Saturday - Sunday: available on appointment
Elżbieta Haberny
tel. 602 668 128